Motorcycle Leather Cleaning

Give your leathers the care they need

Motorcycle leathers have a hard life. Even if you never have to use their protective goodness in anger, they're still going to be subjected to strong winds, bugs, rain and the scorching sun.

Given that leather is a natural material just like your skin, all this punishment will eventually take its toll and if you don't give your leathers some care, they'll eventually end up cracked, ugly, and useless.

At First Class Dry Cleaners we use state of the art equipment to clean your motorcycle leathers. Prior to cleaning, items are inspected for wear, colour loss and tears. Items are then gently cleaned using an environmentally friendly cleaning agent which is specially designed for cleaning leather, and then machine dried. Items are then re-dyed if necessary and re-oiled so that their colour remains uniform and the leather is supple.

The majority of items can often be available for collection within 1 to 2 weeks. However items with different coloured leather may take longer as they require more specialist dry cleaning and re-conditioning. Service times for each item will be confirmed when you place your order.

Prices From

Motorcycle Jacket$65.00
Motorcycle Pants$50.00
Motorcycle Gloves$48.00
Motorcycle Boots$55.00

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