Wedding Gowns

Your “Once in A Lifetime” Gown… Should Last a Lifetime!

Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown. With the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect gown, many brides choose to heirloom their dress as keepsake. A properly preserved gown preserves the dream of passing it down to a daughter or close family friend.

Your wedding gown is a unique treasure that cannot easily be replaced. At First Class Dry Cleaners our wedding gown specialists with decades of experience go the extra mile to ensure no detail of your gown is overlooked.

Whether you’re planning for an upcoming nuptial, hope to preserve your gown or want to wear a family heirloom gown, trust First Class Dry Cleaners. Your wedding is over in flash. Enjoy it, and leave the cleaning to us. Give us a call at 647.350.2296, or send us a line to learn how we can make it easy to care for your gown.


Wedding gown cleaning – we know its more than just a dress

Wedding gown cleaning – we know it’s more than just a dress

We know how special your wedding gown is – that’s why we clean gowns using a special, hand-care intensive process entirely separate from our typical cleaning. Our wedding dress cleaning experts will go over your dress, inch by inch. We search for ‘invisible’ sugar stains with a black light and treat these areas to avoid unpleasant surprises after cleaning. We then use a wide array of specialized processes to treat each individual area of attention on your gown. This custom approach cleans stains while retaining fabric texture and protecting beadwork and other decorations.


Over many years of experience with wedding gown cleaning has earned us the loyalty of discerning clients in Toronto. From vintage to vogue, we clean it, press it, and can even restore and preserve it.

Our wedding gown specialists carefully examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning. Inspections are made at every stage of the cleaning and preservation process. Each wedding gown receives special and individual handling, with attention given to every detail.

Our newly designed Museum Style™ storage boxes feature state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology. Traditional wedding gown storage boxes do not protect or guarantee against oxidation or “yellowing” of the gown. Our advanced system guarantees that your gown will be as good as the day you wore it down the aisle.