Shirt Laundry

At First Class Dry Cleaners, we use state-of-the-art equipment to clean and finish your shirts. Every shirt is checked for stains, collar rings, and wrinkles. "Deluxe" and "hand finish" shirts are hand pressed and finished respectively to meet and exceed your expectations. We check and replace your buttons if necessary. We take every shirt collar-stays off before pressing and return them back to you.

Chances are you’re so used to pulling out a shirt and putting it on each morning you don’t give the process a second thought. Allow us to grab your attention. We do nearly 2,000 shirts a week, and each one is a cut above. Do your shirts have a ring around the collar? Wrinkles along the cuffs, sleeves or seams? Shirts we launder don’t. Both men’s shirts and women’s blouses undergo more than eight stages of inspection before being returned in our signature packing. Along the way, our tailors make minor repairs, such as replacing buttons or stitching hems.


Each laundered shirt can be returned on either a hanger or folded in a box.

Machine Press Shirts: Our state-of-the-art machinery presses the shirts with three specialized machines, producing a crisp, professional appearance. We touch up the shirts by hand to iron out any imperfections.

Hand Press Shirts: We iron the shirt entirely by hand, from start to flawless finish.

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