Alteration & Repair

Think alterations are a lost art? Come see what our tailor can do for your clothes


We’ve heard it said the clothes that look best are the ones that fit best. After one look at our expert tailoring on a gown or jacket, we’re sure you’ll agree. Our tailors have been with us for decades, gaining loyal followings all their own. A First Class tailor knows how to handle fine fabrics and delicate decorations. And, our alterations follow designers’ original lines, translating their vision to your form. If you’ve never seen how alterations dramatically improve an outfit, prepare to be amazed.


We are proud to say that our tailors are capable of creating results beyond your expectations. We do alterations also on wedding gowns, bride’s maid dresses, tuxedos, business shirts, men’s' suits, ladies evening wear, etc.

Don’t hit the gym or the give up a treasured part of your wardrobe. Get in touch with a tailor online or call 647.350.2296 today and let us show you how great you can look.